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Writing about expedition

Writing about expedition

Last month, we went on a desert expedition. We prepared it very well. We took tents and compass. We also took food and drinks. We needed first aid kit. We were a strong team with a qualified leader. 

         There were many challenges that we faced. There are many dangerous animals that prey on humans. The bad weather causes many problems. We have to walk for long distances. We faced a strong storm. I think it was a really interesting trip. 

Reading (E-books) 

  Reading is important. It improves writing skill. It gives us information. It enjoys our time. 

It grows (improves) your mind. We can learn new language. We can know about different cultures. 


          Today’s leader is tomorrow’s leader. There are two different types of books. They are E-books and traditional (paper) books. Some people prefer to read e books. They are easy to carry. They are cheaper than papers books. We can download them easily. But they may damage your eyes. Also, they need power and internet to be downloaded.

A country you would like to visit 

To : Hanan 

Subject : A country I visited 

Dear Hamad , How are you? 

I’m writing to tell you about my next visit to Turkey. It is a big country. It is modern and comfortable. Turkey is located in Asia and Europe.. It is a historical country. They have amazing places to visit. 

I choose this country because it is interesting. You can enjoy visiting the historical sites. They have Water sports. Turkish food is very delicious. You can enjoy Turkish tea and coffee. People in Turkey are kind and cheerful. The climate in Turkey is unique. Finally, I’d like you to visit it with me. 

Write soon and come . 

Best wishes. 

 Yours, Mona 

-Environmental problems/pollution 

       We are facing a dangerous environmental pollution. There is an air pollution which caused by smokes from cars and factories. It effects on breath. Also, there is land pollution. People throw rubbish and using pesticides. These pollutions effect on human health. 

    We should solve this problem seriously. We can plant more trees. We should use less pesticides. We must recycle and reuse things. We should build factories far away from the cities. Finally, we must save our environment.

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